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A new education system with ancient Pedagogy for future of the country and world.


Takshshila isn’t just a name but is also translated as "Rock of Taksha" in reference to the Ramayana which states that the city was named in honour of Bharata's son and first ruler, Taksha. Takshshila being one of the most renowned universities in ancient India was preached as temple of education; but it was destroyed years back. It was the epicenter of birth of brilliant minds such as Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya. These personalities were the mirrors of excellence and brilliance. They gave the idea of ‘Akhand Bharat’ which stands for ‘Undivided India’. We are here to reconstruct the same temple of education and work on their principles of pure blissful knowledge and enlighten the world in the field of education.

Education is a weapon we can use for the growth of the people if we feed them knowledge, we can fight against anything.

Why Choose Us?


Passionate and dedicated team of staff with a clear vision


Practical approach of teaching


Modern education with ancient pedagogy


Value based education system


Eco friendly environment


Unique Learning support for individuals


21st century integrated international Curriculum


Excellent course curriculum to excel all top board ICSE, CBSE, STATE BOARD etc

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Our Vision

To serve the society by providing excellent education by combining both modern and Vedic system of education, realizing and fulfilling our social responsibilities towards the nation, inculcating and globalizing ancient Indian values and work for the growth of the country by making all parts of the world come together as one as we believe in the fact that alone we can do so little and together we can achieve it all.